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Association Silver Centrepiece Project

Project Update - April 2023


At the last 2022 AGM held, the members of the Artillery Clerks' Association agreed that a fitting way to honour the service of all the thousands of Artillery Clerks since 1903, regardless of rank, would be to commission a silver centrepiece to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Association in 1998 and 120 years after the conception of the Artillery Clerks' Section in 1903.

The centrepiece will provide a visible permanent commemorative reminder of the Association, the service of its past and present members, and the value and high regard with which Artillery Clerks were held by their fellow gunners, officers and soldiers alike.

The centrepiece will be securely housed, displayed and maintained with other regimental artifacts in the Central Sergeants' Mess at Larkhill Garrison, the new spiritual home of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

Update as of Monday 3rd April 2023 – The Commissioning Phase

In October 2022 the Project Team announced that the Silver Centrepiece project moved seamlessly into the commissioning phase.

Some images of the “work in progress are shown below. Click each one for a bigger image:


Monday 3rd April 2023 was the cut-off for donations towards the centrepice project. No further donations are accepted and the final names have been submitted to the Silversmith for the commemorative plaque.