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Association Silver Centrepiece Project

Project Update - October 2022


The designation of "the Artillery Clerks' Section" was first created under Army Order 54 of 1903 and remained in force until the establishment of the Adjutant's General Corps in 1992. Having proudly served the Royal Regiment of Artillery for 83 years, the cohort of Artillery Clerks were required to change their cap badge and allegiance, and complete their individual service chiefly within the Staff and Personnel Support arm of the newly formed Corps.

All Artillery Clerks were enlisted primarily as Artillerymen before being selected to assume the essential administrative and personnel support duties within the various Headquarters and Field and Training Regiments of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, leaning on their personal pride to serve and support others as enthusiastic members of the Gunner family around the world in peace time and on active service.

From after WW2, it looks possible that the status of Artillery Clerk was only bestowed on those soldiers in the Royal Artillery who attained the educational and clerical grades in the rank of Sergeant through to Warrant Officer Class 1, and this became the norm from the 1950s. This unique privilege served to create a "special bond" which exists to this day.

The Artillery Clerks' Association was formed in Woolwich in 1998 and next year (2023) marks our 25th anniversary. The Association members are determined to preserve their proud heritage as well as the memory and role played by Artillery Clerks in the last century.


Association members feel that a suitable way to honour the service of all the thousands of Artillery Clerks since 1903, regardless of rank, would be to commission a silver centrepiece to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Association in 2023 and that of the Artillery Clerks' Section, 120 years ago, in 1903.

The centrepiece will provide a visible permanent commemorative reminder of the Association, the service of its past and present members, and the value and high regard with which Artillery Clerks were held by their fellow gunners, officers and soldiers alike.

The centrepiece will be securely housed, displayed and maintained with other regimental artifacts in the Central Sergeants' Mess at Larkhill Garrison, the new spiritual home of the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

Design and Specifications

The outline design, dimensions, markings, and annotations. can be found via the Association Silver Piece Flier that was sent out to members earlier this year (2022).

A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) can be found via,


An ambitious campaign to raise the projected cost of £9,960 (including VAT) needed to complete the final design and commission this new silver centrepiece was launched following the AGM in June 2022.

As at 23rd September 22, the Fund has attracted the following grants:

  • £1500 from our own General Purpose Fund (GPF).
  • £750 from the Royal Artillery Association (RAA).
  • £300 from the British Members’ Council
  • £500 from the Central Sergeants’ Mess
  • £500 from The Nugee Foundation

Personal donations, ranging from £25 to £500, have been received from Members, Honorary Members and former Honorary Presidents.

Members (some of whom wish to remain anonymous) have also started to make separate sponsored donations in memory of former AC colleagues – see below.

These grants, donations and associated Gift Aid, have brought the Silver Fund closer to our revised goal.

We continue to move at pace with researched and targeted approaches to grant-making trusts, foundations and livery companies of the City of London.

There are two options available for donating to the AC Association Silver Fund, namely:

Post:  By cheque to the Treasurer: 9 Fairfield Road, Ainsdale, Southport, Merseyside PR8 3LH, made payable to the ‘Artillery Clerks’ Association’, annotated on the back with "DONSILVER23", or;

Electronic transfer:  Make an electronic bank transfer, using "DONSILVER23" as the reference, to the account details provided below:

  • Acct No: 40945706
  • Sort Code: 20-75-01

Please click the “silver piece donation” button at the top of the page and complete the form to inform the Treasurer accordingly.

Additional Information

The centrepiece will be added to the Association's property inventory for insurance purposes.

Any excess funds raised will be donated to the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund - which helps serving and veteran Gunners and their dependants.

On the dissolution of the Association, all funds, property (including the Association Standard and Silver Centrepiece) and archives of the Association shall be made over to the Royal Artillery Association.

The new Silver Centrepiece will be unveiled by the Master Gunner at the Artillery Clerks' Association Anniversary Reunion and Dinner to be held on Saturday 24th June 2023 at the Central Sergeants’ Mess in Larkhill, Salisbury.

Personal Donations Received (as at 8th October 2022)

The Silverware Project has received the personal donations from the following:

  • Ashcroft AD
  • Astick R
  • Brown PG
  • Butler PG
  • Callaghan SP
  • Collinge M
  • Constantine IF
  • Cooper TC
  • Corker P
  • Cowan RNO
  • Crawford D
  • Currie APN
  • Cussell DJ
  • Deal RH
  • Falzon JF
  • Gauci P
  • Grenham MI
  • Haddock JWS
  • Headford PA
  • Holmes RJ
  • Horner RH
  • Hutchinson JM
  • Hyatt GO
  • Johnson M
  • Jones A
  • Kemish T
  • Lee R
  • Lyall LJ
  • Matthews TL
  • Michelsen H
  • Morgan B
  • Moss AG
  • Norris D
  • Nuttall C
  • Peggie J
  • Phelps
  • Piper CR
  • Platts E
  • Read SV
  • Regan M
  • Reynolds JH
  • Seymour SR
  • Shellard MFL
  • Shuter C
  • Spencer PG
  • Stotan DG
  • Sykes A
  • Tibble AM
  • Viggers F
  • Young WM

The “In Memoriam” Roll, sponsored by Association Members. includes the following former ACs:

  • Brown G
  • Charlton M
  • Cussell HJ
  • Deverall PJ
  • Freeman C
  • Hedges MJ
  • McGilvery G
  • Morland WPC
  • Taylor J
  • Verdon P

Association members are encouraged to support this initiative and submit their donation as soon as possible.

All donations are acknowledged on receipt and donors will have their names inscribed on the base of the centrepiece.

The Association Committee received a full update at their meeting on 1st September. The revised Project Cost of £9960 was agreed and the Project Team was given delegated authority to move to the next step in the process of commissioning the Centrepiece.